Saturday , October 1 2022

New Xbox without optical disc reader?


The new Xbox without an optical disc reader is supposed to be cheaper to 100 euros!The new Xbox without an optical disc reader is supposed to be cheaper to 100 euros!

Recent reports show that the company needs Microsoft Office New Xbox Game Console Offered for sale already next year. Microsoft engineers are making good progress in developing the new gaming console, as Spencer, head of Xbox Development, confirmed earlier. The main advantage of the innovation is that it should allow to play console games in the cloud. This means we can access games much faster, since downloading and installing games will not be needed anymore. These games can also be played by those who will not have a new Microsoft Game Console or a powerful hardware. To play games, we'll only need devices that are connected to the Internet, and we'll have to pay a monthly or annual subscription to access games if we decide to do so.

Because games for the new version of the Xbox One console will be available on the Internet, they will not surprise Internet rumors that they will be selling a special version of the innovation that will not be available to the optical disc reader. This is also the reason why this console should be up to 100 euros cheaper than the same model that will still be offered by the scanner for optical discs. In addition, the buyer will be entitled to receive it In retail stores for physical copies of the games on display media A message Digital Transfer Code – – Versions. This means that he can easily play games he previously bought in the form of physical CDs.

whichThe information on the Xbox console should be known early next year. Those who know are convinced that store shelves of the store can be seen in the first half of 2019, as the entirely new generation of popular Xbox consoles will be introduced in 2020.

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