Monday , January 24 2022

Pathological dependence on "crazy relationships"


I am convinced that many of you have already met a fatal woman, the one who has held back your head, the one above, and the bottom. Who are deadly women?

A fateful woman


All fatal women are not equipped with mechanisms to protect themselves.

The Melita Massacre


Melita Coher, a social worker at the university and a social worker

These are women who may not even know how beautiful or obedient they are, but they have some crazy magnetism, which they are usually not even aware of, and the magnetism of this crazy working man.

It is true that every eye has its own malaria and that the definitions of the fatal woman are almost like men. Of course, women on such women are usually jealous and mostly envy their popularity in male sex.


But do you think all the deadly women are equipped with self-protective mechanisms? Can they manage their feelings and perceptions, who are they as a person and as a person, if they have a lot of fans?

Many women break down and can not bear the burden of admiration. It sounds impossible, right? I believe that I know quite a few intelligent and interesting women who were admired by many men, but because they did not believe in their inner strength and did not have their own self-image (though they were exceptionally beautiful), they sought attractive partners, but deeply resolved in men who could not To have a healthy love relationship.


Over time, such relationships have changed from deadly love and dependency on hysteria and pushing. The more rebellious the women were and the more they wanted the man to give them peace, the more men would eat and not hear that the dead would not want to hear them again. But since they were used to holding a man who was drawn to her image with their fingertips, they could not possibly accept the fact that their princess did not want them to be happy and happy one day, and on the other they were stupid and liquid.

A "crazy attitude" is a relationship in which partners are abusive and misleading, but one without the other can not. It is a pathological relationship in which true and unreal love feelings do not exist. Instead of these romantic and romantic feelings, these couples are in control of manipulations, lies and the absence of socially regulated mechanisms. You allow everything and depend on it. If one partner is aware that, however, such a strengthening of relationship is no longer able to stand, and wants to get out of such a relationship, others will do everything to keep it. The means to achieve this goal are not limited, so the arguments are almost unbelievable.

to the right

However, many couples of this type can not function in the long run, somehow the relationship of decay, but the results are felt by both for a very long time, they can also be irrevocably damaged and always look for such pathological relationships.

What we can do is, in human nature, to research and search for unattainable words. Fatalka are the ones that are difficult to achieve. After all, everyone has the right to choose, but how he chooses his decision. We're different people, are not we?

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