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Šempetranke too strong for young Kamničanka


In the fifth round of the women's volleyball team 1A DOL, the other women's team, Calcit Volley, hosted SIP Šempeter, another team from the top of the championship. With 3: 0 (16, 15, 13) they won the Champions League. In the next round, Kamničanka will play in Cooper, the game against Luka Coppra will be on Saturday, November 17 at 16.30).

Calcit Volley II – Champion SIP 0: 3 (-16, -15, -13)

Kamnik – Gymnasium Kamnik, spectators 150, judges: Atanasov (Kranj), Pevc (Škofja Loka).

Calcit Volley II: Krašovec 5, Špoljarič 3, Šemeováč 3, Lžovec 6, Javornik 1, Juhant, Ahačič, Gadža, Bošeska, Z. Zatković 12, Sitar 2, Rala 2, Gojak (L) , Coach: Franci Obolnar.

SIP Sempeter: 3, Francis 8, Podberger, Forshtaritz 5, Nieder 12, Dolar, and Rubnik 11, Laksh, Lakišek 13. L Coach: Beno Božič.

France The cooks of the tournament were in the first four rounds, with the exception of the Coper game against Encran Hervatine, before the easy release, as well as the hosting of Šempetrank in their gymnasium, was undoubtedly one of the most difficult games this season. In the first two rounds, the visitors also had difficulty, and in the third and fourth round they reached the expected victory, and they also apologized like the favorites in today's game in Kamnik.

Local volleyball players bravely opened the opening group and took the lead with a good 8: 5 advantage, and for the first time they crashed after 10: 8 when the visitors with four consecutive points arrived for the first time (11:10). When Eva Zetkovic took the new home team lead (14:11), she did not mind the fact that there would be a complete turnaround, but in the service of Anastasia Zinder, who also reached the three ass, it happened exactly. The sixth reached six consecutive points this time, while in the end Nina Francis was threatened in the bathroom and the hosts at 22:15, the series was set. The last point was with Maya Forštnarič, Kamničanka in SIP Šempeter.

The second series was almost overwhelming after the successful attack of Petra and Rubnik, another Kamenikanka in the visitors' team, when the hosts were already behind seven points (1: 8). Again, the Jnidar services were those who did a lot of problems with Kamnik receivers, with a new one, and this time was Forštnarič already 18: 8 for the visitors team. The second team ended with another former actress Calcit Volley, Mojca Božič, who blocked ivoivo Javornik with the block.

Although the third set of women Kamenik started promising, with Spele Lužovec taking the lead with 4: 2, keeping in touch with the guests until the score of 6: 7, everything is over for service Jernej Lakovshek and three consecutive points of Vrhovnik. At the traffic light it was already 15: 6 for SIP Šempeter, who did not give up at the end of the series, leaving his home team just seven more points.

Statistics after the game

Francie Oboulner, Coach Calcit Volley II: "We started well, and then we completely fell apart, and then other elements of the game gave in. We were simply not real, unreasonable excuses."

His son Christmas, Coach SIP Champion: "These are the games we need to win.In this way, we also plan the form and prepare the team.For today's game, I need to praise players who have seriously entered the game because it all depends on us. At the same time, we played a very good tactical game because we do not have good people like Nova KBM Branik, the first team of Calcit Wally and GEN-I volley. "

Micha Stamker

Photo: Kalman Bromk

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