Friday , June 18 2021

The Gabuli embassy will no longer open its doors

Embassy Gaboli today.  Photo: Slovenia TV

Embassy Gaboli today. Photo: Slovenia TV

A sales advertisement still hangs on the fence of the Embassy Club Gabioli, but according to the latest and most reliable information he Object sold. The price was published online he 1,950,000 euros, the buyer is supposed to be Ensol 360, a Cooper-based design company Kartodromov, Also in the global market.

When asked by a journalist, they replied that they are looking for a new place to expand their activities for a long time v The local environment. What has not yet been revealed, the seller, the entrepreneur Janko Transk Machela, but could not be reached. The space will most likely get different content.

A look behind the mixing table Photo: Author's Archive / Dajan Harn

A look behind the mixing table Photo: Author’s Archive / Dajan Harn

“Compared to other bars I worked for, he Gabioli showed what a particular musical culture means,he he said Daniel Shakrajan, A former photographer at the Gabioli embassy. “The biggest damage Visitors will have, for sure. “

The institution that he Nor from Trieste to Zagreb

“Gabioli he What institution that he It does not have Ljubljana, nor Maribor nor Zagreb nor Trieste … we can be really proud of what we have,“to me Nejc Belšak, A former guest at Gabioli. “And quite personally – my first technoparty he There was a straight v The embassy is Gabuli. “

club he v 25 years of history have seen ups and downs, but there have been he A springboard for DJs who have also relied on the international electronic music scene over time.

“When I was still working as an agent and hiring DJs, I dreamed that one day someone would invite me somewhere as well. he The embassy had a huge impact on me – and not just on me, but on the whole space and the electronic scene v Slovenia, “ Says Slovenian DJ and producer Valentino Kanciani.

According to municipal ordinances, business activity is allowed here, but not for residence. The building is not under the control of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage.

The Gaboli embassy was to be sold

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