Tuesday , June 28 2022

The revolutionary PlayStation 5 gaming console will only be sold ..


The PlayStation 5 gaming console could not be purchased until April of next year.The PlayStation 5 gaming console could not be purchased until April of next year.

Recently, the global media has called on the upcoming Game Console Society Sony, Which at least on paper promises a lot. That is, it should be equipped with the third-generation AMD Ryzen processors, offering 8K support for resolution content and more accurate execution of lighting effects, such as real-time shadows and light reflection. In addition, the innovation promises a faster Solid State drive and an improved audio processor that will provide better audio quality.

Unfortunately, the Sony PlayStation 5 revolutionary console will still have to wait a bit. We do not see the innovation on store shelves before April 2020. However, we may have to wait a bit longer, as Sony is aware that the announcement of the exact date of sale of the PlayStation 5 console will negatively affect the sale of the current PlayStation 4 gaming console, slowly.

While about 19 million units of PlayStation 4 gaming consoles were sold worldwide in 2017, this figure dropped to 17.8 million units last year. Following the announcement of the arrival of the PlayStation 5 gaming console, the sale of the current console will be reduced by another 10%. For this reason, Sony also feels it in the field of selling console games and online services to it, which consequently affect both revenue and profit of the company.

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