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Three famous persists, Franco goes home


The semi-final show "The Stars" danced with new surprises, excess dancing and tense moments. Dance challenges were fatal for Frank Bajc, who won the ticket for the grand finale of the show.

On the tenth program, dancers danced and Sattelana Sigui danced at home.Photo: Miro Mag

The 10th show of the third season of the show is celebrated by star dancing with a real dance play, as it is also suitable for the semi-finals. The show was established by professional dancers and dancers with an excellent performance, which was noticed and praised by the chief judge Андрей Шкуфца, Then the semi-finals entered into the dance floor Tania M Gar, Špela Grošelj, Franco Biech &inMia Zofan, Which first moved in each of their dance places.

Dance Tight – Dance
All four dance couples had to pass the semi-finals in a real dance competition four times, where they had to dance on the dance floor at once for two minutes to unfamiliar music and move to each other, just like in real dance competitions. After 30 seconds, couples danced to 4 different dance anemones. "It was a very complex challenge for all four couples." The judges, who after a longer reflection gave the Špeli Grošelj the highest points for the dance quartet, and above all Franco Bajc.

For his efforts and progress, Franco received special greetings and praise from the meticulous Andrei Škufce.Photo: Miro Mag

Second dance
According to ratings and ratings of the judges, Spela Grošelj and Franco Bajc, who have gone through a tense dance game, joined an endangered couple. Justice Charleston was appointed by Chief Justice Andrei Scopka. After a whistle, the judges were sent home by Franco Biech and Svetlano Cigoj."I have no words what I would say, I passed my expectations, I really enjoyed it and thanked everyone who voted for me and allowed me this dance track, and most of all, I would like to thank Svetlana for everything she did and I did not give up" Immediately after the show, he told Franco.

Tanja agagar, Špela Grošelj and Miha Zupan are going to dance in the final show of a star show that will dance on the next Sunday of Earth Dance.

And what dances were dancers dancing in the semifinals?

Teng & Zagher and Ernie Ivkovic.
The popular singer and her dancer opened the evening with a sensual Viennese waltz, and they danced on Teng's hit group's ex-Foxy Teenagers "Let the Rain Fall Now", which they received standing crowd applause."Tanya, a beautiful Viennese Waltz, I liked your face for expression, because you were calm, but … you were a bit marginal in your position, but it was a very nice waltz." Andrei added: "Our soul is happy that we are working on our talents, and you are developing our dance talent before us, taking other trips in this Viennese wave, and that was a master." Nike also said:"I'm really glad you dance a delicate and emotional dance, I can go even more and a bit, but it was a very wonderful and graceful point." He was the last to appreciate the fun Lado: "Very famous musicians are amusing on the second mission, but it's a great pleasure to see you dance, if you were finishing today, you can know who is the winner." Tania and Ernie & # 39; Received 37 points of the referee.

The singer and her dance director turned the dance floor for a second, and they danced the band on the Bund song Explosion, Which also received applause from viewers. "I waited all this for the entire season, it was fantastic, sled and crashed like a bloated puma and the dance floor is your invitation, and you created a special story with a wing and it was great." Said Nika, and Katarina added: "She started dressing, and she danced!" You had more sharpness and determination. Lado's amusement added his rating. "You move very well, you put your energy out of the previous retirement for good, and I showed you trying to fight, softly, it was great." And like the last, Andrei the strictest:"You have an interesting quality – when it comes to truth, you give yourself the maximum, it was a very good band and technically I have almost no comments, but … no, I will not add anything, it was good!" Špela and Miha danced 35 points for the referee.

The three couples who will fight for the show's laurel stars dancing.Photo: Miro Mag

Franco Bug and Svetlana Sigog
The farm winner and his dance beauty in the semi-final show toured the hot rumor of James Arthur's poem Say you do not let go And received applause from the audience. "Oh, these loving couples … I'm happy and I'd call you today, sir and Mrs. Beitz." Said Laddo, Andrei added: "When I watched you a few weeks ago when you danced in the cha-cha, you look like a beginner, and today, on a hill, which is a technical dance and coordination very little, but you've really progressed and been transformed. , But you had this real emotional baggage. " Nicka gave her the nickname:"As if you were looking at the ripening of pork, you were like a solid flesh that the water froze slowly, it was very sexy for me, but I could do more with my thighs, I did not care." As a last, she appreciated Katrina: "After the first dance, I did not expect much from you, but now look, it surprised us in every dance because you upgrade, Rumba is a demanding dance and your whole life was full of movement, so it was really a pleasure to watch." Franco and Svetlana received 34 points from the judges.

Micha Zupan and Mega Gersk
As the last, a deaf basketball player and famous dance teacher, danced an avid tango to hit Imagine DragonsBelieve. For the first time in the exhibition we saw part of the place drinking in silence, that we have an idea of ​​how Mahov looks every day and what he really feels when he dances – silence. Maya and Mayha also received applause from viewers. "I do not believe this stigma still exists … Miya, you are the brightest interlocutor to forget that you are deaf, and so during your dance I forget that you do not hear, you did not stop me from a deaf dancer, now you just fascinate me only as a dancer, Said Laddo, while Andrei added: "A very strong dance point, I expressed my message very clearly and the tango was clear." "Excellent posture and good transition to space." I think you were not as sovereign and convincing as today. " Nike Editorial: "I repeated that I could add another drama to the dance, today adding emotions and anger, and that was very convincing and wonderful." Like the latter, she commanded Catherine:"The point of the coaching point was clear to everyone, otherwise it was a great tango, and they also had a typical glass rhythm, for me it was a final dance." Miya and Maya, who have so far received three grades this year, have earned 39 judgments.

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