Saturday , October 1 2022

A woman was raped in a black taxi between Västerås and Surahammar


The alarm went to the police at 03.12 on Sunday. Then a couple of passersby saw a young woman in broken clothes on the side of the road, near Route 66, south of Suhmar.

According to police, the young woman was very sad and she told her that she had taken a black taxi from Vasteras. According to the woman, the driver had to rape her and then threw her along the road.

A violent raid in a black taxi along Route 66

The woman is taken to the hospital for treatment. She managed to leave a signal on the man but the police did not arrest anyone on Sunday morning, reports from the VLT.

Christina Gastroment, in the police investigation report, told the newspaper that the woman was 25 years old and that the suspect in the rape was supposed to be in the car.

Since the investigation is at an initial stage, the police confesses the details of the case.

– She left a signal item, but the person does not know her, and then we'll see what tensions continued to give. She also was hospitalized and given samples, says Christina Hagström to VLT.

Took a black taxi from Västerås

The woman should not have been robbed about the alleged rape, the police said. She took a black cab from Westerch, but the police did not want to go into more information about how the woman and the black taxi driver met.

"What's good for us is that the message is sent so quickly after the suspect act.We are happy that the couple stayed, there's only too much going by," said Daniel Wikdahl, police officer at DN.

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