Thursday , October 21 2021

Andreas Grankwist saw the Swedish Football Association


Lasa Richt has worked for the national team for 20 years.

However, he did not receive a sign of a football gala.

The decision was taken by Andreas Grankwist.

– I'm disappointed. It's really bad in the league, "said the team.

For 20 years, Lassa Richt was gray gray in the national team. He ruled, determined and helped the players. Often attacked from the outside, but popular among the national team. In 2018 he chose to resign as director of landscape.

Very critical

That's why Andreas Grankquist and the rest of the players expected Richard to be really yelled at the Monday football gala. However, it does not get: which causes "kernels" to boil.

"I'm disappointed because it's bad that the league is not as shameful as this guy like Lhasa Rich I'm very surprised you did not take the chance.

"Do not get what he deserves"

Grankwist continues the logic:

He does not get the attention he deserves. It was really bad.

Mittbacken will raise the issue with the Federal Secretary Håkan Sjöstrand.

"I did not meet Håkan but I told Lassa that he deserves more than he got … He meant a lot for the national team, I will pass (criticism) to Håkan, because it was really bad.

"We have to respect"

They sat facing each other during the party.

"Did you hear anything," I asked him. But he heard nothing. There was no gesture. I'm disappointed with it. We celebrate football players, ladies and gentlemen. But Lassa is a man to be respected.

The sports magazine was looking for Lars Richt and Federal Secretary Håkan Sjöstrand.

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They won the Golden Ball more than once 00:40

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