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C & H "Welcome to Christmas Island" – Review


1 out of 4 | Photo: Pearl Wallman

Christmas Show by Jill Johnson.


redeemed. C & H Johnson makes a classic Christmas-style show in Las Vegas.

But she would like to pour some more salt into the meat.

Jill Johnson: "Welcome to Christmas Island"

After the success of last fall with the show "This Life", there Jill Johnson Backed by Bohuslän's Big Band, it may not be scary that a versatile singer will stay on the big track when she is on a Christmas tour.

"Welcome to Christmas Island" based on the Christmas album she released last year, just like on this record Andres Berglund Which holds the winner, facing the right Sandviken Big Band.

Superproffs exclusively on the stage, therefore, and what is offered is a kind of nostalgic swing Christmas Las Vegas, which smells a lot more cocktail than gently than the blanket suit in favor of party party and smoking.

The Johnson & Berglund team has had the good taste of finding a series of free, flawless Christmas and winter songs from the Great American Songbook, which they also mix with their own two Christmas discs of the ' John himself.

Beside all the green as Ella Fitzgerald or Frank Sinatra Did immortality will in fact Nice Landgreens Melancholic ballad "I'm sorry it was Christmas" one of the tops of the night.

The band sounds amazing, both in the blues version Shelby Lin "It's not just Christmas" and the night club, silly "What do you do on New Year's Eve". Berglund Season arrangements with small Christmas vouchers.

And Johnson balances the overuse of the word "Christmas" with something else, including a well-upset version of their country hit "Crazy in Love".

The show is, overall, quality Christmas music in style, framed by free little anecdotes talked about not packing too much pressure and how, for the first time, she will celebrate the festival for children without her children with new love this year.

Or maybe it was a little more than that, the sad blue side of Christmas that was necessary to raise the play on the trivial threshold to something very important.

Because then she dares there, as in the Blue December. Her or Wayne Newton "Christmas Journey", as it really burns.

All the songs

1st Christmas Island 2nd It starts to look like Christmas 3rd
I will wait for you 4 December Blue 5 Mistletoe and Holly 6
Christmas is here 7 The man with the bag H : After you left 9
The Moon River 10 Christmas Trip The 11th White Christmas (Instrumental)
The 12th Cheek on cheek 13. What do you do on New Year's Eve 14. Winter
15 wonders. Is not it like Christmas 16. I wish it was
Christmas 17. Crazy With Love 18. When You Want To Star 19. Let It Go
Snow Extras: 20. I Can not Give You Nothing But Love 21. Money

Here you can see the Christmas concert of Jill Johnson

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