Tuesday , May 17 2022

Caitlin's house is a candle saved from the flames – culture & fun


Artists Gaga and Sher, Academy Award winner Guillermo del Toro, actors Elisa Milano and Reyn Wilson and the Kardashian reality family – all had to escape the wild fires in California.

US authorities have demanded that residents of celebrities like Calabas and Malibu leave their homes, and some of the residents have documented the evacuation.

"Sending my prayers to everyone today," writes Lady Gaga in Instagram, where she has shown several movies and pictures on the smoky sky.

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Rapper Lille Pump did the same thing and writes: "God I swear, my backyard is really in flames, if you're in Clavas, go straight from your house!" He says in Instagram.

The fires have been reported to be out of control, but now Caitlin Jr. and starring Kourtney Kardashian are able to take advantage. Courtney presented pictures of Instagram and informed his followers that the flames were already heading toward the height where she lived, but they did not reach the house.

"I hope the day will continue like this, that the fire can be stopped, for anyone who left their homes, who lost their homes and were affected, we continue to pray," she writes.

The streets also completely destroyed the built-up city, which is one of the recording sites for the television series "

For several days a few fires raging in the country. In northern California, the fire that has ravages is needed for at least nine lives. Fire has been called the most devastating in the history of the country. Thousands of houses have been demolished and more than 30 people are still missing.

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