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“Doesn’t look healthy” Swedish lady


Princess Charlene

Charlene’s latest photo will amaze followers. The princess is not the same.

For five months, Charlene has been “stuck” in South Africa with failing health and a marriage that is rumored to be in crisis.

With each update on the princess, the mystery grows – what’s really going on?

The last picture caused more question marks. Now Charlene’s followers are really worried.

Princess Charlene stuck in South Africa – collapsed

In May, Charlene traveled to South Africa to work, since staying in the country.

The court believes it is due to sinusitis that prevents her from traveling.

It should also have forced Charlene into a few operatic tones, most recently last week. A month ago she was hospitalized after a collapse.

At the same time, Prince Albert returns to the media that his wife is on the road to recovery and may return home soon.

Charlene is now posting a picture that makes followers believe otherwise. “She really does not look healthy,” writes one user.

The new image of Princess Charlene is alarming

The new photo was taken last week, three days before Charlene’s last surgery.

The princess stands next to the new Zulu king, Mizuzulu Zvolithini, who in his family dispute offered Charlene to mediate.

The fact that Charlene is posting a picture is of course gratifying, but at the same time her matte look and diluted eye are a cause for concern:

“She does not look healthy. Check her arms,” ​​writes one person.

“She looks sad again, a tired look,” writes another.

“Hope you get better soon, you look so weak, take care of yourself,” writes a third.

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Last Friday’s operation was described as Charlene’s last and according to the court he should have succeeded:

– The surgery on Friday went very well. This occurred under anesthesia and then the princess was kept under observation for 48 hours.

-It will now be the last operation after the ear-nose-throat from which she suffered earlier.

Prince Albert’s latest offer is for Charlene to return home in two weeks, if that happens then it remains to be seen.

Photo: TT, Instagram

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