Thursday , October 28 2021

Finland only two wins of the European Championship – after a loss


Greece did not beat Finland 1-0.

Then the loss of cheers – now only two wins of the European Championship.

"I'm very proud," says Captain Paul Arag.

Finland has never been eligible for an international football championship.

But now our eastern neighbor is closer than long, thanks to the nations of the world. Although "Berguvarna" losing today's meeting with Greece by 1-0, it is clear that the Finland national team wins its C-League National League.

"I'm very proud of these easy adjustments, says Captain Paul Arajuuri to Viasat.

"He's a wizard"

30-year-old Brendebie continues to praise the Confederation Marco Canerva, 54, who took over after Hesse Buck, parachuted and kicked in December 2016.

– He must be a wizard. All this time with the League of Nations, our tactics work. The team game has been at a very high level.

All in all there are four teams of third third teams where all the team winners then make room for the European Championship with a straight and finished semifinals. Final bet is determined after the European Championship selection is determined.

Can meet Lasse Lagerbäck

Currently, the three opponents that Finland must navigate are: Lasse Lagerbäcks Norway, Israel, Serbia.

However, this may also change after the team play if all national league team winners qualify for the traditional way through regular EM qualification.

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This is how the League of Nations works – the four teams are going to the European Championship 00:38

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