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Fire on the bus on Kongholm


At 10.33 on Monday, an alarm came SOS on fire in the bus garage on Nordenflychtsvägen in Kungsholmen.

emergency services It is in place with a team of five external management stations. It is still unclear what is burning. There is currently no personal injury information.

"There is a strong smoke garage from the garage and we are in a place to fight fire," said Tony Frank, commander of the Storstockholm rescue service.

The rescue service, however, does not call on the public to keep the windows closed at the moment.

Even cops Is on site and set locks. Nordenflychtsvägen is currently closed for vehicular traffic.

At 12:45 the fire was not yet in control. According to the rescue service, they believe that the fire began in connection with the work of the roof.

"You probably did a hot job on the site and that could cause a fire," says Tony Frank.

A report of general negligence will be established, the police writes on their website.

At 14.45 client The rescue service announced that the fire was limited but not in control. About 60 firefighters from eight stations are there and fight with fire. With photos from a helicopter, the rescue was able to get a picture of how it is burning on the roof.

"There is no danger that the fire will spread to adjacent structures, the fire is limited, but it is not under control," says Tony Frank.

Smoke development is almost stronger than in the past, reports rescue service, and visible smoke over Essingeleden and East.

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