Thursday , August 18 2022

General Motors kicks in 15% of its employees – some foreign enterprises are close


General Motors (GM) will save 6 billion dollars, thereby closing several factories worldwide. The company announced that 15 percent of employees can go.

All in all, seven facilities will be closed. Today, about 180,000 employees for GM.

In three of the facilities that are laid out, you get into cars. Two of the facilities are located in the United States, one in Detroit and the other in Warren, Ohio. The third facility is located in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

In addition, GM puts two factories where you manufacture batteries and gearboxes. They are located in Baltimore, Warren, Michigan.

In addition, two factories outside of North America will be closed, but it is not yet clear where they are.

General Motors no longer manufactures cars in Europe as they sold Opel to French PSA.

The company's management has a worse proportion than the workforce, with the fact that a quarter of executives can go for decision-making to be more "efficient".

General Motors is also planning to close the production of car models that currently have difficulties selling. The company also says that they will increasingly invest in the next generation of electric cars.

As a result of the news, GM's share price rose nearly 5 percent.

An unhappy prime minister in Canada, like the president of the United States

The Labor Party did not get the message well, for example, in Canada, the workers marched out.

Also, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed his dissatisfaction with plans to close the Oshawa plant on Twitter. He also promised to help the affected families.


US President Donald Trump tried to keep his job in the United States with his defense policy, and he was also not pleased with GM News.

"We do not like it," Trump said.

He was also sure that GM would develop something new in Ohio.

– I think they'll develop something new. I talked to her [Trump syftar på GM:s styrelseordförande och VD Mary Barra red. anm.] When I heard them closing, I said, "You know this country did a lot for General Motors, you better go back there," said Trump.

Source: Reuters, AFP, Chile, SR.

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