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It was a summer and summer hot summer in Sweden this year, and those who spent outside living received a lot of Vitamin D from the sun's rays. When the ultraviolet radiation sun damages the skin, a chemical reaction that creates vitamin D begins, and the sun is the best source of vitamin. During a sunny summer day, the body can produce vitamin D more than the recommended daily intake for a quarter to 20 minutes.

But how long is it? In fact vitamin D of vitamin D? Because it is fat soluble, it is stored in the body's fat tissue, but not for a long time, writes Land.se.

"Anyone who thinks it's enough until next summer is wrong, vitamin D has a half-life of between three weeks and two months," he says Johan Malam, Professor of Clinical Chemistry at Lund University of Land.se.

You can be exposed This sun can be converted to vitamin D in the body until the end of autumn equinox, but then the sun is too low to give vitamin D, the site writes. Then it is at most two months as it is stored in the body's fat tissue. But how big a stock is and how long it is enough is very personal, according to Johan Malm. Obesity, dark-haired and elderly people have a harder time creating a vitamin D store, writes the site.

But also with people Good absorption of vitamin D from the sun can not save any amount. For anyone who does not eat foods of vitamin D, such as fish and oils (such as herring and salmon), but also a fungus (for example, a hotel), it can be good with the addition of vitamin D in autumn to spring value in March. The recommended daily intake of groceries is 10 μg.

– You can not get poisoned with vitamin D from the sun or diet. However, large amounts of vitamin D supplements can rarely lead to poisoning, says Johan Malam to Land.se.

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