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Justin Bournabusch makes the comedy drama "Love Me" for Viaplay


Photo: Sérún Hrafnkelsdóttir Norén / Viaplay.

And Zeppin Bornbosch.

Viaplay displays another new series; Comedy "Love Me".
Upphovskvinna is Jospin Bornebusch.

And Zeppin Bornbosch, Who earlier this year debuted as director of "Detective Agency of LasseMaja – The First Mystery", is the woman behind the latest news of the Viaplay stall.
"Love Me", as she wrote a screenplay, plays and plays one of the lead roles, is described as "comedy drama about relationships and love where we can follow three generations through friendship, grief, liberation and romance."
– This is a series dealing with relationships and how to deal with love at various stages in their lives. A warm series on life, from start to finish, says Bornbusch on the project.
The recordings are already in progress, and besides Bornbos himself there are others Savirard Godenson, Johan Olson, Ia Langhammer, Gustav Lind ("Earthquake," "What a bloody circus") Görel Crona In the role list.
"With such great talent as Josephine and the list of roles, we can expect the sensual injury of 2019. I am very excited about this production as it provides a unique addition – not just to Viaplay, but to any range of Nordic range." Love me "It is romance in its proper sense and with the ability of Joshin to create situations in which both of you laugh and identify, it can not be magical, says Frederick Leungberg, Program manager at Viaplay.
The debut is scheduled for fall 2019.

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