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Lewis Hamilton has a pole position for the best career for Ericsson in his career


Lewis Hamilton has a pole position in Brazil's F1 race

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Marcus Erickson had a nice Saturday.

Marcus Eriksson has two runs left F1.

Then he succeeded in his career career.

"I'm really pleased," the Swede said.

In the 20th World Cup, Marcus Erickson showed what he could do. In difficult circumstances, he challenged his counterpart and active GP of Brazil from the third start – and box six.

"It was a great qualification, really a way, I'm very pleased with the effort," Marcus Erikson told Viasat Motor.

"It was in very difficult conditions, it was raining and a bit, I did not miss it, but I put my knees when I needed to.

Sony Ericssons the best qualification ever

Both he and his colleague Charles LeClair continued for the final round of qualifying for Q3, but it was the Swedish freeway of both and took seventh place of qualification.

As Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, has a penalty, the Swede starts GP GP from 6 box.

"It's going to be a crazy kick so far, the goal is the best of the rest, maybe a car drop that Ricardo comes from behind.The goal is in seventh place and then see if there is anyone who gets a problem and I can do something more and get even higher, Says Ericsson ahead of his second F1 race.

Next year he is the third in the Sauber and continues his career in the United States IndyCar.

"I'm going to the United States and seeing what I'm going to do, I think I've done well this season, but I have not received the dividend I really need," Eriksson told Vivesat.

"I have an exciting future ahead of me and it's very loaded, but first I'll finish it very well.

Hamilton has a pole – can secure the new term World Cup

World champion Lewis Hamilton grabbed the pole position in Brazil GP before Ferrari Sebastian and Tal and his colleague Mercedes-Voltri Butas.

That is why he has good prospects to win the race after he secured the World Cup title – and something he has had problems with previous years.

"It was a bad mood in which it was raining in some curves, but not in others, Ferrari was really fast and we really need to work hard for it," says Lewis Hamilton after qualification.

It also makes Mercedes a great opportunity to win tomorrow's race and secure the World Cup title for designers. This is something very important for the group economy because it is about many important millions.

It distinguishes 90 million SEK between the seats one to the other in the World Cup brand.

"But there's nothing decided yet, you'll see how fast Ferrari is." We'd like to drive our bosom on a soft Q2 to get on the tire Ferrari does, but we had some luck with the rain and he did not, "said Hamilton, who starts Super Suits.

"Tomorrow we will see who has the best strategy on the tire, at least I will do my best with the material I have.

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