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Liverpool's Xherdan Shakiri stayed at home during a CL meeting


Shardan Shakri does not accompany Serbia

Photo: Paul Ellis / AFP

Xherdan Shaqiri does not follow Liverpool to win the Champions League on Tuesday

Liverpool's Swiss star, Radan Shakri, is not following the team for Tuesday's run-off against Serbian Karuna Zvezda.

The midfielder has Albanian roots in Kosovo and has celebrated previously selected goals with a dispute that has delayed some Serbs, so the club does not want to jeopardize the safety of the player.

"We love him and he will play for us many times, but not on Tuesday," says Jurgen Klop.

Liverpool did not include their Swiss football team, Czech Rardin Shakiri, 27, of the Champions League squad who is going to Belgrade today in the face of Zvezda (Red Star) in the Champions League.

The telegraph wrote earlier that day that the German coach of the team Jurgen Klop was hesitant to give Shakri following the player's Kosovalban background.

He ended up in blue weather during the World Cup in the summer after celebrating the goal for Switzerland by signing a double-headed eagle in the Albanian flag – something not at all appreciated by Serbia and FIFA.

Photo: Lauren Gillieron / TT NYHETSBYRNN / NTB Scanpix

Xherdan Shaqiri celebrated a goal by signing a double eagle on Rosh Hashana.

He does not want to endanger his safety

Kosovo is a former Serb region independently recognized by most of all UN states, but not by Serbia.

Although Akiri himself says he is not worried about trips to the country, the club now chooses to let him stay in Liverpool so as not to endanger his security.

"We have heard and read the speculation about what kind of reception as" Shack "was, and although we do not know what will happen, we want to go there and focus 100 percent on football," said Klopp, According to Sky Sports.

"He gets it"

"We want to show our respect and thus avoid all kinds of distractions that will focus on football games, so that's why Shack is not involved during the game and he accepts it and understands it.We love him and he will play for us many times but not on Tuesday, Continues Clap.

Liverpool is currently leading the group before the second in Naples. PSG is three and Crvena Zvezda is the last in the group.

Even Jordan Henderson missed the game due to injury. But nearby Keita and Dejan Lovren are again in the group again after a time absence.

Then the Champions League won 2018-19 00:29

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