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Messi was sent off when Williams shot Athletic to success in the Cup

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Victory cheers at Athletic Club.

Photo: Miguel Moranti / TT News Agency

Victory cheers at Athletic Club.

Inaki Williams turned around, aiming and firing.

An extended dream game later, the Athletic Club loyalist shot his team in the cup title against Barcelona itself.

Lionel Messi? He got something he never got in Barcelona’s Group A shirt – namely a red card.

As we skimmed towards the final signal, everything really indicated that Antoine Griezmann would be a big super-cup hero for his Barcelona in the final against Athletic Club. With the contribution of his two goals, he gave Barcelona a 2-1 advantage.

But the jumper Asier Villaliver wanted something different.

With 90 minutes on the clock, the 23-year-old appeared on a Barcelona penalty and set up a 2-2 draw that certainly elicited a lot of cheers in front of the TVs in the Basque Country.

The red-and-white beret will soon be another reason to rejoice when Inaki Williams (26) put Atletic ahead at the start of extra time with a balanced finish, after entry.

First red card

It was a blow that Barcelona failed to respond to during the remaining extra time.

Even if the big star Lionel Messi managed to hand out another form of slap before it was all over.

A boxing throw in a duel with the equalizer Villalibara in the final minutes of extra time ended in a VAR review and a direct red card to the Argentine striker.

Something that was a historic event.

His first ever in a Barcelona jersey, which he wore in the context of Group A in 753 competitive games since 2004. Messi was sent off earlier in his career, but then it was in the Argentina national team jersey twice, and also once for Barcelona’s B team in 2005.

Beat the two thugs

So in other words, Messi is not left on the field when Athletic, and one Trumpet plays Asian Villalibre, Can start celebrating at the final mark.

“A title is remarkably important to a club that is not so spoiled by winning things in the modern era,” says Sportbank’s Simon Bank in a Discovery broadcast.

The Super Cup title was taken after Athletic defeated not just one but two Spanish giants on the road. In the semi-finals at the beginning of the week, Real Madrid was defeated 2-1.

The Spanish Super Cup title this year is the third overall in athletics ever. The first, 1984, they received automatically after winning both La Liga and Copa del Rey that season. The second and final, 2015, was taken through a final victory against Barcelona.

Just as it was in 2021.

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