Thursday , September 29 2022

No More Opening Ceremony for Amazing Wonder 2 –


In any case, compare the number of previous movies in the Harry Potter series. But that does not mean people did not go to see it. $ 253 million, he entered the opening weekend all over the world. Fantastic Animals 2: Grindelwald Crimes Cost $ 200 Million to Produce, so it's not as bad as it says. In the United States alone, the film reached $ 60 million this weekend, compared to its predecessor who slipped home at around $ 75 million – as in the past the film in Harry Potter was the worst. The sequel should attract about $ 150 million more to come out, in light of a huge marketing campaign circulating around the film. But this is definitely no problem.

Have you seen the wonderful animals 2: Grindelwald's crimes this weekend?

Well, back, it did not go at all.


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