Saturday , October 1 2022

Preemraff gets environmental certification for historical risk – P4 West


Preemraff in Lysekil plans to expand its business for 15 million SEK.

Now the Environmental Court gave permission for expansion.

The court does not consider carbon dioxide emissions likely to double to 3.5 million tonnes.

Ten years ago, there were many advanced plans to build something called cooks, a kind of plant that could also turn thick oil into clean fuels.

The effort now made on Preemraff is that 2.5 million tons of thick oil can be converted into diesel and gasoline each year.

Environment Inga Löfgren, Who also represents the Nature Conservation Association Lysekil and Munkedal, is disappointed that Preemraff has received environmental status.

"It's only unfortunate, it will be difficult in Sweden to achieve its environmental goals.

According to the Association for the Conservation of Nature in Munkdala / Lysekil, the decision is that Preemraff will release the most carbon dioxide in Sweden.

Peter Abrahamson, Director of the Business District For refining in Preem, says the refinery releases less than other similar plants.

– The question is whether this is a global issue or a local problem. We release less carbon dioxide than most other refineries, "says Peter Abrahamson, director of the business area for refining in the prime, Lakka.

"If we are not there, but the demand remains, someone else will produce the products that the market needs to release carbon dioxide there instead.

At the beginning of 2023, the facility can Be prepared if the bulls makes his decision.

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