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Redemption of Red Death


Rockstar games have at least a handful of times and have themselves appear only in rock stars, and rightly so. They have repeatedly shown their ability to create games that contain everything from moving films with interesting characters to open worlds that offer pure exploration. The fact that the budget of their latest games "portfolio" in many cases exceeds the largest of Hollywood movies is simply not surprising, and the Red Dead Redemption 2 does not seem outstanding – but rather the opposite.

The well-planned introduction, which is minutely detailed, slowly and unquestionably, the player collides with the mechanics of the complex game, and the confident story of "Time van der Lind" is a wonderful way of starting a story because it is proof of a solid work. In the end it is called the prologue, a giant game world is introduced in its entirety. Which, in contrast to the somewhat limited surface of Prologue, not only feels overwhelming, but also attracts his beautiful views to the searches.

Complex characters like John Marston, Susan Grimshaw, Lenny Summers and Hossa Matthews not only hold the main character of the game (Arthur Morgan) in movie sequences or in connection with events related to the story. Without commenting on actions, in Arthur's clothing style, even on Arthur's welfare. Much because it is exactly the responsibility of the player to handle such guides when it comes to the main character. If he wanders in a puddle of clay he gets dirty, the rider is landing and rich around growing his hair, as well as old and food, he has not become thinner and more clumsy than one way. This kind of detail is far away, but finding that kind of thought in the game alone is a big part of the joy of playing like Red Redemption 2. So, I'll try to be frugal with this kind of curiosity.

Another thing that active nails are characters and animals in the world is how they interact with the environment. Just the thought of the artistic and technical contraction that must be behind a small detail like how the mud behaves when a foot or a foot is in it, how paths in the snow are created when Arthur's gang beats through it or how the rain falls in both clothes, fur and ground. As if this is not enough, the characters interact with all kinds of objects in a way I've never been to before. In short, it seems realistic when the figure in question picks up a jar of beans or pinches the gun to the podium again. There is no cut, no feather movements, no weight in each movement and fixed boundaries where the hand on the figure ends and the object begins.

With a world so large, comprehensive and well integrated, one can of course expect that there are more than a few main tasks to focus on. Of course, Rockstar games exceed my expectations in so many ways that I do not even know where to start. But I still think that the possibility of hunting animals is one of the best starting points. Not because the possibility of hunting animals is something new in the game world, but because hunting in Red Dead Redemption 2 can mean much more than shooting an animal using parts of the body for cooking. Here hunting can also include animal skin to upgrade its equipment with horns to create useful items of exclusive fur to sell or sew the clothes. It can also mean long journeys on cold mountain peaks that require warm clothing, while it may have different rewards depending on how the hunting goes. Shooting the first best bear should not yield a quality coat, just as a shotgun can not give as nicely studded as a well-placed pair of arrows.

And if that were not enough, the players could also store clothes, weapons and ammunition, such as meat, fur, and a horn somewhere. All this fits not just Arthur's pocket. And if the horse did not take Arthur to the hunting ground, that must be where he got into the picture. A Western game was obviously not a Western game, but the ability to ride a horse, and the Red Dead 2 horse is much more than a means of travel, is also a walking load, and in many cases, Arthur's best friend.

To get as much of your horse as possible, it is important to make a strong connection with it. First, take care of it, brush it and feed it. But even by folding it or calming it after a hot sprint from a gang of bandits. Managing his horse is rewarded with a companion running faster, he is more persistent, more easily maneuvering and standing more effort when the balls win. There are also different types of horses to choose from, some can be found in the desert and can be tamed, while others can be bought in different cities. All with different potentials when it comes to endurance, speed, etc.

However, a horse is not the only way to travel. You can also take the train, one of the many horse-drawn carriages in the cities or get on foot. The possibilities are many and the more opportunities are opened. However, some clean "teleportation" that is usually found in other big games in the open world is not offered, which may look both good and bad at the same time. On the one hand, it may be frustrating to switch between desert and city life when you want to sell a new yacht exchange. On the other hand, the game never breaks the illusion of time and space game after all. Something I personally really appreciate, especially when wildlife is not the only thing that can drive time between major tasks.

During each trip, no matter which direction, there is always something exciting on the road. If it's not a legendary horse that pulls, maybe it's a stranger who needs help with his horse, or a bunch of bandits trying to rob. Alternatively, snake knocks out of the woods and needs an antibody, or the most coarse lantisers to order a dinner for foreigners. It can also happen that friends of the "van der Lind time" ride across Chat, or that wild strangers offer Arthur to buy secret treasure maps. Or so … Yes, as you can understand, there is a very long list of things that can happen along the way between all the places you want to visit in the Wild West. And believe me, this is only a small part of all the exciting things that can happen on any trip to the huge world offered in Dead Sea. Not to mention all the crazy combinations all these events might cause.

The game takes its time, but the time it takes to do what you want to do is below all the circumstances practically worth every second. No less so when you combine all of the above in one big and beautiful touch, it combines with the well-inspired excitatory pieces of the west, the horse's horse's patch on the surface and the vibration from bird species is no longer known. However, the fugitive pace may sometimes feel frustrating. At least in the most stressful and packed portions, where sometimes you want it did not take quite a while to pick up the swinging arms lying on the ground. Or the body moving well should not be so difficult to lift. Although the pace in most cases adds to the atmosphere almost perfect.

With some already said, you may think that there probably will not be more to talk about, but it does exist. The last thing I want to mention is control of the game, as it is too much … much, good and evil. Each selection is made by pressing the quick keystrokes or keystrokes that require you to hold the same button for a long time. This layout allows to give the same button a number of different features, while making some operations more difficult to perform "accidentally". Combine this with another layer of features on the same button on the base if the right shoulder button is pressed or not, we have a fairly complex schedule that takes a lot of time to learn. Something that might be inevitable in such a massive game, but a real complaint I have, one of the two complaints I have. Despite this, there are bright spots even when it comes to control schedule. Many layers of difficult control leave room for some easy-to-use speed features. For example, an opportunity to adjust the map size without going into any menu or the ability to switch to a first person perspective simply by pressing a button, just to name a few.

In summary for this review, I just want to say that there is no doubt that this game is worth your time. The game does not miss a single opportunity, and provides everything from open grandiose worlds to fine details in both the story and its surroundings. I have never played before this game contains as much as high quality as Red Dead Redemption 2. I will surely hesitate to waste as much time as I can just in the Wild West for the remainder of 2018.

the good

  • Fascinating story
  • Interesting characters
  • Environments
  • An extensive game world
  • Highly detailed
  • Very diverse
  • A lukewarm quiet step
  • Discover when it is best
  • The horses and whatever they mean
  • Hunting and fishing


  • Slower than sometimes to suffer
  • A complicated schedule


written by: Sonny Yunson

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