Saturday , May 15 2021

SAS will cancel flights on Monday and Tuesday

"We are very sorry that our customers are affected by the ongoing shutdown of the pilot, leading to delays and cancellations." Due to the ongoing conflict, further departures are taking place on Monday and Tuesday, SAS said in a press release on Sunday. Here you can see if your flight is affected by the strike.

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On Monday, 667 departures across Scandinavia and on Tuesday 546 with 61,000 and 49,000 passengers respectively. SAS has now extended the time for canceling and canceling free tickets for May 5, "for those travelers who feel anxious that their travel planning is affected by the ongoing strike."

1,600 pilots then hit early on Friday and after that, the third, the day was over, 1,589 ports were canceled and affected 169,272 passengers. The reason for the union action against the employer side is the large differences in perception of what a pilot serves and therefore how much salary should be raised.

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