Sunday , June 26 2022

She became the best book in the SVT series


Theres Jahadgar, 25, from Gällivare took home the title of "Sweden's beloved founder" in SVT's "Salon". Click Image.Image: SVT

Therèse Jahadgar from Gällivare took home the first place in the reality series of SVT "Salongen". In the program, hairstyles for seven weeks have cut customers live on live TV five days a week. The living room itself is in the center of Gutenberg and anyone can order cut time, and then rate the book after the result.

Last week, participants were eliminated until only three remained in the final. Over the past two days, it was about creating an avant-garde haircut as a final project. The judge of the program, Chris Brenner, entered the last member of the guest referee Joakim Ross, one of the most famous Sephardic of Sweden who started schools all over the world.

In third place was Magnus Abelira Moyzabi and the second place went to Alia Rokedahl of Sun. Thérèse Hadger eventually won, and according to the judges, "proved art and during the competition held high quality."

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