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"She was my whole life"


Image montage. Photo: Lars Defgard.

"The most important thing today is to be together, share the grief with colleagues and especially the students, and you notice how important it is for many students to meet like that," said Cecilia Larsson, the 14-year-old girl's mentor who died in the Friday night crash in Orissa.

Cecilia had known the girl since young years.

"She was with my whole life." There is no way to deal with such a situation, the needs are so different between different people, says Cecilia.

"The student you thought was at least in need of support can often be the most in need," she says, praising the school's power resources on Monday.

Teachers, curators, therapists and the Swedish Church – some gathered in the community and served as support during Monday.

"It was really fun, but very upset, everyone is ready and the teachers are working quickly, and the nearest class was enough, with today's technology, already talking about it in their social media groups.

Candlelight stands at the entrance to Mallong Central School.

Cecilia Larson thinks that social media plays an important and important role for students.

"I noticed there were some students who sent pictures to each other, and some groups did collage with all of her celebs.They also played on her Spotify list, says Cecilia, and tells about how the students made flashlights shine in the school yard:

"I opened the door for everyone to create, they made candles they had to display along with the other lights in the schoolyard.

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