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The biggest match ever for cents. Lewis


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San Jose. There had never been a big hockey game in the Senate. Louis from waiting on Wednesday night.

But experienced bluesmen are trying to downplay the importance of the drama that can send them to the Stanley Cup final in the first nearly 50 years.

– All season we were very good only focusing on the task we have in front of us and so we do now as well. It's just a hockey game we'll try to win, says Alex Steen.

The prerequisites for the sixth game between Blues and Sharks in the business center on Tuesday (Wednesday night, Swedish time) are clear glass:

The Blues winner regulates the series, prepares for the club's first finals since 1970 and has the opportunity to break the longest league drought in the league.


A long series of scarred veterans – with only Alex Steen leading – after decades wait finally for their first final performance.

1 out of 2 | Photo: GPO & Lepe / TT News Office / NTB Scanpix

But no, it still can not get them to talk about the upcoming game as the biggest ever.

– No, we do not think about it, Stein explains after a 5-0 win of Sunday Sharktank.

– All season we were very good only focusing on the task we have in front of us and so we do now as well. This is just a hockey game we will try to win.

The village man Oscar Sandquist agrees:

– It's important not to float away, I think. We must know why we won by 5-0 today and continue the same.

Yes, no one can deny that it looks very good for blues during the Sunday hit.

No Yes. In the first change they got a good position. After that we got into the game well and started playing our game. It was our focus throughout the series and now, then, yes, it was a well executed effort for 60 minutes, Steen continues.

The chain of two blue-yellow fighters with Russian Ivan Barbashev answered a new cannon cannon and lay behind the 1-0 goal – just foamed by Sundqvist.

– We work hard and have good chemistry and enjoy playing with each other. But above all, we have a good rhythm in the line, Alex says.

– "Submerged" power? Both he and Barbashov are very excellent. They play physically when they need to, but they're always right on the track and making sure we're close together. Of course, it's fun that we get so much confidence, you want to play as much as possible.

Another one who gets a lot of confidence is Dan Schwartz, who was in charge of a new hat trick on Sunday.

– He did more goals in the playoffs than in the basic series, I believe. Good to see, it's very important to us and now it's really released for him, "says Sunken.

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