The school's children display pictures at the Nobel Museum – culture and entertainment


art An exhibition of dream images inspired by Martin Luther King is held at the Nobel Prize Museum in Stockholm. The artists behind the works are eighth graders from six different schools.

"In this exhibition we get an insight into students' dreams of a better world, their images describe what they love, what they want to achieve in their lives, and how they want to fight injustice, an amazingly beautiful project," says museum director Erica Lanner.

Our so-called dream project has been happening during the spring. Overall, this resulted in almost 140 works in which the students themselves were able to visualize their dreams by mixing self portraits and photographs they took in their surroundings.

The exhibition "The Right to Freedom – Martin Luther King" will appear at the Nobel Prize Museum until September 2019. Pictures of the students at the school are part of the exhibition and will be shown on May 21 and next week.


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