Thursday , February 25 2021

The word of the king to the Italian people

On Tuesday, Italian President Sergio Mattarella landed in Stockholm for a three-day state visit. Metarella also visit Lund Malmö during his stay in Sweden.

An amazing trip to the castle

The visit began with the king and queen who received Matarella and his daughter Laura. The king's head cushions. Later, the two gentlemen traveled to the castle in a magnificent 1869 Shaglas carriage, purchased for the 25th anniversary of Oscar II.

The Queen and Laura of Tarella had to settle for making the parade of Charles XV.

The word of the king to the Italian people

President Matarella and his daughter were welcomed in the inner courtyard of the castle, where a garnegge of the Ligradt was erected. At the same time, the Army's Year of Music presented the national songs of both countries.

The state visit was then brought into Rikssalen, where representatives, among others, Parliament and the government welcomed.

The king also fought to give thought to the Italian people, who had recently had to endure harsh sentences:

"First and foremost, in the name of the Swedish people, I want to express our participation with the Italian people, in the wake of the harsh weather of the last few days, which has required many lives, and our thoughts go to all who have suffered," said the king.

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