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0: 4 defeat in Belgium – Switzerland meanwhile misses the direct EC certification – sports

0: 4 defeat in Belgium – Switzerland has so far missed the direct immigration of EM – Sport – SRF

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  • The women’s team dropped to the European Championship qualifiers against Belgium away in Leuven with 0: 4.
  • One point was sufficient for the Swiss women to be directly eligible.
  • Swiss women are threatened with barrage, but the decision has not yet been made.

In the 36th minute, with a score of 0: 1, I saw the worst case against Belgium: captain and middle strategist Leah Walti went into an aerial duel and beat her opponent with full force in the back of the head. Even after prolonged treatment Walti was unable to continue playing due to a concussion. Coach Nati Nils Nielsen brought in young striker Swana Polmali, who brought about a tactical change.

Otherwise it was half the time to forget:

  • 24. Minute: Switzerland seem to have things under control, but the Belgians are taking the lead out of nowhere. Elvira Herzog, who replaces goalkeeper Gail Telman, who is absent due to a positive corona test, misses a timed width. Tyne de Kaney wins and scores to 1-0.
  • 45. Minute: Again the Swiss defense makes a bad impression. Viola Caligris and Asausa Igbogon fail to cover the ball. The Belgian Tessa Walert persists and fights for the ball, she plays De Kaney, who easily tied the duo up to 2-0.

There is no increase in the second half

With his back to the wall and without Captain Walti, Switzerland could not fight on the way back to the game. In the central defense and in the goalkeeper position, she is usually incredibly shaky and lacking in ideas. The Belgians, on the other hand, were convinced with great will and precise offensive play. The home team set 3: 3 (73 minutes) and 4: 0 (85) in the last 20 minutes. With this victory Belgium qualified directly for the European Championship.

A good playful opening position

With this defeat Switzerland lost an opening position that was hard earned. Because games are still pending in other teams, the Swiss will not find out until 2021 whether they will receive the direct ticket as one of the first three runners-up in the team or they will have to deal with a volley in April.

Italy in Group B and Finland or Portugal in Group E can snatch the spot from the SFV selection. Each volley opponent will be drawn in a draw.

SRF Zwei, sportlive, 1.12.2020, 19:40;

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