20 minutes – that's what big airlines do


You can rotate and make it as you like: the space is barely calculated on the plane. Between 40 and 45 cm width is an economy class seat on average.This is not enough for some travelers.But how do airlines solve the problem that heavyweight travelers use more than their seat? And what can overweight travelers do?


Should overweight people buy two airline tickets?

"A uniform regulation for dealing with such air travelers does not exist so far," says Lucas von Zittwitz, a spokesman for passenger passenger Airhelp. One reason for this may be that such a rule would be discriminatory.

Not required in Switzerland and Lufthansa

The Swiss airline explains on request, in principle, problems with heavy-weight passengers will occur relatively rarely. "It happens that overweight travelers with their pre-order money are good for a second session," says spokeswoman Meike Fuhlrott. "There is no provision or obligation in this matter."

Lufthansa has a similar situation: passengers are also not required to reserve a second seat in the Swiss company. Even with low-cost Ryanair airline, as Travelbook writes. Travel portal has been in demand by various European airlines.

KLM and Easyjet charge the second seat

However, there are also some airlines that have brought special regulation for travelers in excess of hard weight: for KLM and Easyjet, passengers who due to their mass on their seat also claim to the adjacent seat, should order two seats. With two airlines this means, those who need more than one seat, must pay the second seat to the usual rate.

Air France also strongly recommends that obese people order two seats. In economy class, however, they get a 25% discount on the second seat. If the flight is not fully booked, passengers will even return the entire amount in second place.

Airlines offer belt seat expansion

And how do airlines respond when there is a very strong passenger at the gate that ordered only one place? "If such a case occurs, an attempt is made to find a personal solution, for example by placing an overweight passenger at the time of the check-in in such a way that the nearby seat will remain free," Swiss spokeswoman Pulcherot said.

Most airlines also offer the overweight travelers for the usual belt, this should be necessary. The only exception is the safety belts of the Business Department at the Dreamliner of Thai Airways are now equipped with airbag safety belts that can not be extended.


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