Monday , January 18 2021

A driver (53) collides with three cars without braking

Early on Tuesday evening, a 53-year-old driver collided with three other cars that were in the red light at the Dornachstrasse / Rinachstrasse intersection. Paramedics from the Basel-Stadt ambulance brought all five passengers of the four vehicles to the hospital for clarification, the cantonal police said in a press release on Tuesday evening.

According to previous police information, the driver drove towards the junction shortly after 18:00 on Dornkarstrasse from Dreispitz. For reasons that have not yet been clarified, he drove uncontrollably in vehicles parked there at the red light. One passenger car was in the left lane, two in the right lane. All four vehicles were so badly damaged in the accident that they had to be repaired.

Breath alcohol test in a 53-year-old driver showed a value of 0.0 mg / liter. At the Basel-Stadt Public Prosecutor’s Office, a blood / urine sample for further clarification. Of the cantonal police made sure to divert traffic.

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