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A seriously wounded German pilot


Macau (dpa) – The crowd stopped, the stands and the pit were pure terror: the young 17-year-old German singer Sophia was sprawled on the narrow street and the Macau agent crashed badly.

The images of her race car, taking off at more than 250 kilometers an hour, crashing almost without inspection through safety fences and mounted on a few meters high obstacles to crash, offered the worst.From miraculously, after the horror crash in the global final of Formula 3, Flörsch was at least aware and accessible.

It was also four other people involved in the crash. The race continues after an hour of disruption after repairing the safety fences. Flörsch, another pilot, two photographers and Marshal were taken to the hospital for further treatment. Details and information about possible injuries were not initially made.

"I hope everyone is all right," Mick Schumacher said during the break. The 19-year-old Formula 3 Championship managed to catch up to sixth after the start of the race and finished fifth in the Italian car Prema Powerteam. The victory also promised the 19-year-old Daniel Tiktum. The British lost the European Championship that was sold.

The sporting events came in the face of Floresch's terrible accident, but also a small matter. Born in Munich, who reached the age of 18 on December 1, did not move to Formula 3 later this year when she competed with Dutch team Van Amersport in Zandvoort. In the past she recommended strong performances in Formula 4 and made the first woman twice on the stand.

She was the first German to compete with the Grand Prix in Macao. In the qualification, Flörsch finished in 20th place among 28 participants from 14 countries. She was 19th qualifying. In her fourth round accident Flörsch was on position 15.

At first the cause of the accident remained. Flörsch of course lost control of her car on the straight before the Lisboa curve.

Plorsch took off her car and flew over the safety fences, before she hit the fortifications a few yards. The car crashed into the ground again. Both her team and the organizers ensured she was aware and responsive after the accident.

Criticism of the narrow and dangerous route was there by drivers before the race almost did not. When asked how much he liked the course, Victor Tiktum said on Sunday: "It's rhetorical, I fell in love the first time I was here."

For most pilots, including Mick Schumacher, the dangerous city circuit is one of the favorite races. But a Grand Prix motorcycle is visited there. Only last year a pilot was killed there.

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