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Amazon and Microsoft show Google the emission – now going to the cloud boss


Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft (Azure) dominate the cloud business.

Amazon and Microsoft show Google the emission – now going to the cloud boss

Diane Green: Google cloud boss leaves the group. Image: AP / AP

There is a change in leadership in the Google cloud. Former boss Diane Green withdrew, the leadership takes over next year, former Oracle manager Thomas Corian. He left the software company, where he recently led the product development, in September.

Then information from the Bloomberg Financial Service had differences with Larry Ellison's founder on strategy. So Corian wanted to run more Oracle software in competing cloud services like Amazon or Microsoft – while Allison insists on internal infrastructure.

Amazon and Microsoft are moving away

Google competes in the boom business, especially with Amazon and Microsoft. The opponents are fighting for profitable deals with large companies. Google has tried in vain to find Amazon and Microsoft in recent years. Green should bring the turnaround, but now Amazon and Microsoft are still in a hurry.

Amazon is a pioneer in cloud and still number one in the cloud market. Microsoft in second place has the most diverse offer and the best customer relationships. Therefore, many companies are mainly choosing between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

Google wants a larger piece of cloud business to be more independent of advertising revenue.

Green, one of the founders of VMware, came to Google three years ago when the Internet company took control of start-up Bebop. She wrote the blog for her departure, so she had only two years at work and wanted to stay. Now it wants to support the founders of start-ups.

The "information" industrial service also reported tensions with other Google managers. Their attempts to make cloud transactions part of advertising deals with customers, for example, have led to relaxation in other sectors, according to informed people. (Oli / SDA / DPA)

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