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Are the dialogues created by Starfield?


It may be that Bethesda is currently working on the dialogue and setting up a sci-fi role-playing game "Starfield". We are looking for a sound designer.


Bethesda can go on the dialogue and definition of the Sci-Fi role-playing game "Starfield". The note is provided by the Sound Designer advertisement: "Bethesda Game Studios are looking for a talented voice designer to strengthen our team who builds the PC leadership position and console development RPG in this role as sound designer coordinates, designs and implements the outstanding dialogues in our games for current generation and generation the next. "

Although the description also applies to the "Scrolls of Eldar 6", "Starfield" should appear first. Therefore, it is more likely that the sound designer will initially work on the science fiction RPG. Incidentally, in E3 2019 "Starfield" and "6 adult scrolls" will not be represented.

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