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ATP Final: Zaberbe passes his matriculation exams


German Alexander Zverb wins first ATP final title against Novak Djokovic. He hardly sees nerves and seems to usher in a new era in tennis.

Daniel J. Ramen, London

His first major title: Alexander Zverb defeated Novak Djokovic in the final, against which he went down to the final round of the ATP. (Photo: Tom Ireland / AP photo)

His first major title: Alexander Zverb defeated Novak Djokovic in the final, against which he went down to the final round of the ATP. (Photo: Tom Ireland / AP photo)

The next generation of men's tennis has been criticized a lot, and none of them has been criticized more often and harder than Alexander Zverev. The German, with his talent and his physical conditions, was considered the player who one day had to replace the older, older generation around Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. But so far he had failed at the crucial moment to overcome his nerves and excessive demands.

But now he got rid of this Mantecles in London. Zivoreb beat Federer first, then the Djokovic, and celebrated the first major title at the age of 21 at the age of 21 in the ATP World Cup. In the last ranking of the year from Monday, he improves at the expense of Juan Martin del Potro in fourth place, his sabra on Roger Federer still minimal 35 points.

Key experience

But the significance of the victory of Zorweb in London can not be summed up in the names of the defeated or their influence on the world ranking. Like Federer's first Wimbledon victory in 2003, the German's success could become a major experience that breaks the knot and breaks the hegemony of male tennis that has existed for a decade and a half. Zorub not only beat Federer and Djokovic. He controlled it. In the final against the Serbs his superiority was even clearer than the day before against Federer. Zorb dictated not only his servant but also the base. In the end, he made more winners (20: 7) and fewer forced errors (18:23) than Djokovic.

Without shocking, Zvreb did not finish again. After Djokovic took the first set and the first one served at the beginning of the second, he came up with a victory in his mind. He gave the break immediately with two double errors.

But Djokovic was not at his usual level this Sunday. He, who had never served in the four games in London before, and had to repel only two bullets, let him break out immediately. From then on, there was no doubt about the outcome of the game. 80 minutes into the game, Zverev used a free kick in front of the goal, and was redirected.

How great was his relief for the first degree in his career, and then read about the acceptance speech on the field. Zivorb thanked and thanked. And at one point he spoke in the direction of Djokovic: "You barely lost a match in the second half of the season, thank you for doing it against me today."

Ivan Lendl also wins

Although he has already won three Masters 1000 titles in his young career. He was in the top five for over a year. But in Grand Slams, the most important events in the tennis calendar, it has failed so far regularly. This season he lost in Melbourne, Wimbledon and New York respectively in the third round; Only Paris reached the quarterfinals.

This is why Zvreb brought Ivan Landel to his team before the opening of the US in late August.The Grand Slam wins eight times and had to wait until after his 24th birthday before he won his first big title.With this experience he helped the coaching work His first Andy Marky was a Scot on a breakthrough and three big victories.Stoyaker passed the thanks of his new protag in the stands.

Alexander Zverev still lacks the title Grand Slam to finally be included in the circles of the greatest.

His predecessor as the winner of the ATP final tournament, the Bulgarian Grigor Dimitro, did not confirm the success of the season and collided with 19th place in the rankings. Zverev's potential, however, is greater than that of Dimitrov consistent. With his victory in the ATP final tournament he passed the final examination.

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