Friday , January 15 2021

Away from AIDS stop campaign draws another image of HIV positive – News


The new AIDS campaign has sworn Switzerland has it all. Unlike in the last 30 years, the focus is not on protection against AIDS. Instead, people with HIV positive should be stigmatized.

"It's not a stop-aid campaign, it's an AIDS campaign," says Andreas Lehner, who aims to make the whole population aware that a positive HIV-positive person can no longer be transferred to functional care. The virus.

This is a campaign of Stop AIDS, but an HIV campaign is positive.

The goal is to destroy people with HIV. People are still discriminated against and marginalized in the AIDS virus, although drugs have made significant progress in recent years.

Normal life despite HI virus

The goal of the campaign was to show that people with HIV can now lead an almost normal life. "A woman with HIV can conceive in childbirth and childbirth – today it is no longer a problem," says Lehner. There are also studies which have shown that these women can probably breastfeed.

For years, the population was knocked the slogan "minimum drum", so use a condom during sex. Does not the new campaign put an end to all this prevention work when suddenly he says he no longer needs protection when having sex with people with HIV? Lanner says, "If you go to discot on Saturday and maybe have a one-night stand, take a condom with you, that's the easiest defense."

The anti-classic campaign "Love for Life" continues. But just as important as prevention is only enlightenment. The fact that the new campaign can provoke, had no intention, but you get, says Lehner. Because he knows: only when he is doomed, the campaign is perceived as well.

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