Tuesday , August 9 2022

Bayern: Bayern quake! Hoeness intervenes and strips Breitner from Tribune at Allianz Arena


Uli Hoeneß (on the right with Karl Heinz Rummenigge) takes over.

© Alliance Alliance / Matthias Black / Matthias Black

The next line on the Straße Săbener: now club legends are already going on each other. Uli Hoeneß no longer wants to see a former Bayern star at the Allianz Arena.

Munich – the record champions sway and sway. Slowly the question arises, when FC Bayern finally falls? The other FCB bosses seem to seem to be failing. Now club management is also sensitive to the criticism of its legends. Perhaps Huyens was supposed to discover his former friend, Paul Breitner, from the VIP box, as reported in the photo.

The message that even Hwins did not give himself, but left the CFO, Jan Christian Dreisen, the best ungrateful task: "There was a call from Mr. Drissen, I suggest by Hugh Huyens, look at me for the foreseeable future not the manner of the honor to give. Lou: I expected anyway, and I do not want to see it right now, anyway, "says Breitner.

Breitner returns free tickets

The 67-year-old recently expressed his lack of understanding of the almost legendary press conference of the FCB bosses five weeks ago. So now the exclusion of the guest of honor. "And then I decided to return my two honor cards, which I hold as a lifelong honorary captain, to Mr. Derrzen, I do not want to give the impression that I want tickets for free."

It goes haywire at the record champions.

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It seems that Hoeness may be taking the words of the Bible in the Bar club: "It's always about the family, the Bayern family, and then the kids have to say today: We must be ashamed of Papa now."

Breitner himself does not intend a quick reconciliation: "From now on I'll buy my cards as usual if I want to go to the stadium."


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