Tuesday , May 11 2021

DSDS 2019: Davin Herbrüggen is the star of Germany

Geriatric care provider Devin Herbrüggen won the RTL casting show "Deutschland sucht den Superstar".

Davin Herbrüggen (20) from Oberhausen (D) is the new superstar of Germany. He almost did not believe when the DSDS host, Oliver Geissen, 49, declared Saturday night: "Get rid of retirement, the new star 2019 is Davin!" The 20-year-old only brings "I love you" to his fans.

On Davins win says DSDS Governor Pietro Lombardi (26): «I am so proud and blunt to you. You came to the cast and we had a direct connection. "The rest of the jurors were also behind the public decision.

The vote was clear: Dwayne won by RTL with 44.03% against his opponents Nick Ferretti (29), Alicia Eva Bessert (21) and Anna Cassancy (17). (EUC)

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