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DSDS: The poverty line – with so little money degenerate Prohlich has to feed his family of five

DSDS star Manovin Prollich is addicted to drugs and lives with his large family below the poverty line. In the new documentary about the DSDS singer, Manovin Frohlich gives deep insights into his violent life.

Munich – DSDS– Star Manovin is happy (33) is part of the documentary series “Manvin – My Demon and I” Deep insights into his violent private life.

Addicted to drugs and uneducated – Manwin Prohlich has difficult conditions to support his family

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Singer Fighting his drug and alcohol addiction And trying to support his family of five. Problems do not have a lot of money. The TV star openly admits that he is Below the poverty line Haim.

The DSDS singer has trouble dealing with money

For several days now, Manovin Frohlich’s fans have been able to follow the life of the second DSDS in his documentary. You can watch the broadcast on the TVNOW streaming service. In 2005, outrageous pop singer Titan Dieter Bohlen (66) and other jurors were persuaded by RTL’s casting program. Since then Great depression. In the documentary, Menowin Fröhlich finally wants his own Overcome addictions and lead a regular life come.

The 33-year-old is married to Sunny (29) and had to take care of his five children. Despite his talent as a singer, Manovin Frohlich can not really gain a foothold in the industry and only draws attention to himself in negative headlines. In addition, a native of Munich attended a special school and did not do any training. It’s right now A family in Haaretz and Yaar And must live well below the poverty line.

A glimmer of hope for DSDS star Menowin Fröhlich

“It’s hard, especially when you’re in it Drug addict It’s dealing with money, ”Manovin Prolich explains the difficult situation. According to their information, the family should come Only 1,300 euros a month to get by. But there is a ray of hope. (Here you will find an overview of all the DSDS winners)

The daughter of DSDS star Japan has recently moved from high school to high school. “I think it’s really crazy, None of us went to high school“The proud father reports. There is great hope that Manovin Prolich will really be able to fight his ‘demons’ and that the family’s financial situation will improve.

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