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Further rehabilitation of AHV – higher retirement age for women remains Zankapfel – News



The next reform package is already on its way: the AHV 21 will reach parliament in the summer.

AHV 21 is a reform package for which a competent Federal Council member Alan Brest wants to bring to parliament after the summer vacation. The cornerstones are retirement age 65 for women and an increase in VAT.

But especially in his party, SP, Alan Brest has encountered resistance. President Christian Lebart says: "In our front, there is an increase in the AHV on additional income, and increasing the retirement age of women will not be acceptable in the current situation."

The AHV reform should not be carried out on the backs of women, who earned an average of one-fifth less than men in any case.

Measures for women with low wages

Quite different with the bourgeoisie, for example with the president of the FDP Petra Gössi: "Our proposal goes so we say, certainly pension age 65/65 match for a man and a woman." For women with very low wages it needs additional measures, for example a higher pension.

So Gössi is on the line of Alan Brest. On the other hand, with regard to VAT, FDP wants to go lower than suggested by the Federal Council.

The other bourgeois parties are very similar. Also, CVP and SVP see no alternative to increasing the female retirement age. SVP Party leader Albert Rösti says: "We need to proceed step by step, currently compatible only with men's retirement age adjustment, ie 65/65.

Old facades are back

After most of the parties were satisfied with two more billions from the AHV tax deal on Sunday, the next step – AHV reform 21 – now now re-the old canals: left against civil.

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