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Grenzach-Wyhlen: House like the confession at the site – Grenzach-Wyhlen

Grenzach-Wyhlen – Roche Pharma began construction of a "flexible office building" ("FOB") on Emil-Berl Strasse. Although the digging hole of the company's new structural core is already deep, the official day was yesterday. The pharmaceutical giant is investing about € 60 million, including its underground energy center. The main construction project is part of a comprehensive site development program by Roche.

Behind the construction of "FOB" is much more than "just" a new main building. "In the future there will be no industrial zone," said Roche Pharma CEO Hagen Pfonder, explaining the idea behind the plan to completely redesign the company's area, and in future FOB and existing structures will be built in the flora. Ponder: "When I am in an inspiring environment, I am more creative."

Although some, some to eight decades, beautiful trees for redesign schemes have already fallen victim to sawmills. "But we promised to plant 110 new trees, including large ones," declared Paponder.

The meeting place

As Ponendner said, a flexible office building is where we meet. No matter whether a short meeting of four employees or a large event with 500 visitors: all this will take place in the future at "FOB". After the completion of the building, Roche Parma plans to move the conference rooms and yeshivas, which were scattered throughout the entire area, to the new planned new building, combining the activities and utilizing other available space capabilities. Pfundner: "FOB will be a meeting building and a Great." Because those who want Roche: because of the structural change of entry and access mode, it will land automatically in the future "FOB", where the central reception will be.

Laying a creative cornerstone

The pharmaceutical company plans to complete the new main building in 2021. The project that Pundner calls "quite ambitious." The opening is to be held hand in hand with the 125th anniversary of Roche, with the completion of the renovation of the Rochelle area of ​​Kesselberg and perhaps also with the urban development of nearby Neue Mitt Garnz (Stadthain). But before it will be a creative "cornerstone" in the first quarter of next year, the details of all participants of the official groundbreaking ceremony yesterday quietly remained silent.

To build the "FOB", Roche reaches deep into his pocket. For construction alone, the company expects expenditures of 45-55 million euros. Although so many regional companies have to use new construction. However, according to Hagen Pfundner, it is very difficult, given the buzz construction industry, to be able to get local or regional companies on board that still have the capacity available.

Mayor Tobias Benz was also impressed by the new construction plans yesterday. He rates "FOB" as a clear admission of Roche to Grenzach-Wyhlen. It is impressive how much the country's pharmaceutical company is committed to. Keywords: Full excavation of the Roche part of the Kesslergrube and expansion of the daycare center "ideenReich".

"FOB" in numbers

On four floors, 10 000 square meters of new office space is to be built, and the ground floor will be completely glazed. "FOB" is 23 meters high and steps 52 times 37 meters from the outside.

The core of the building will be an auditorium ("Forum"), which can be divided into three room units. It should be two floors high and hold 500 seats including seating and concerts. According to plans, around 200 office spaces, "meeting area" and meeting rooms and conference rooms will be grouped around it.

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