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Hall 2021: The organizers draw positive conclusions


Becomes the year 2021

220,000 visitors regained the mood of a hall they had long missed – organizers achieve a positive balance after eleven days of fair activity

The Hall Fair and the Fall Fair were held this year in a light version. Today, Sunday, the big event is coming to an end. The organizers and city police note a positive balance.

At the Hall Fair.

At the Hall Fair.

Photo: Benjamin Monastery

After eleven days of running the fair, those in charge of the hall are completely satisfied with the big event: “The preparation in a short period of time with a lot of uncertainty was challenging for all involved. However, the last eleven days have compensated for all the effort, “Fair director Manuela Firer was quoted as saying by organizers on Sunday afternoon.

In 2019, the Swiss Trade and Food Trade Fair attracted about 360,000 visitors. This year, those responsible for two-thirds of that number had hoped. With 220,000 visitors, Katherine Meyerhans, director of the trade fairs on Ulma Messan Street, is very pleased:

The positive feedback from exhibitors and critics shows that the courage of all those involved in the OLMA organization has paid off. “

However the exhibitors especially praised the willingness of the critics to buy. And for a hall from San St. Gallen, the successful implementation of the hall is not only essential for mental well-being, but also has a positive impact on their financial situation, says director Christine Bolt.

Fewer corona tests than expected

To access the exhibition grounds, visitors aged 16 and over had to present a valid Covid certificate. Thanks to this solution, it was possible to conduct a trade fair on the spot without restrictive safeguards such as mask requirements or rules of distance. Experimental facilities were also available in Brightfeld, at the St. Fiden train station and directly at the exhibition grounds. However, the demand for tests remains below expectations, the organizers write. About 1,000 visitors took advantage of the offer daily.

St. Gallen city police are also bringing a positive balance

Three missing children, five violations of the 3G law and about 30 buses for urinating: During the year a hall was held and the autumn fair from October 7 to 17, the police had to intervene much less than in the years before Corona. One of the reasons was the reduced number of visitors. St. Gallen city police are therefore producing a positive balance. “There have been no major incidents,” St. Gallen city police said, which is why they produce a positive balance. «Our impression was that this was a peaceful hall. This assumption is also supported by the number of incidents, which have dropped significantly compared to previous years, “said Klaus-Dieter Manel, spokesman for the city police communications, upon request.

Small fights and three children are missing

She had to intervene more than a dozen times in disputes. “There was an isolated assault, mostly by adult men. It led to blackmail and light fights,” Manel says. However, there were no incidents with serious injuries.

City police also did not receive any reports of serious property damage. Just one small incident: “Unknown criminals cut three sheets of fair stalls on Sonnenstrasse,” says Menel. During the eleven days it was reported that three children were missing. All the people can be found again in a short time and transferred to relatives or companions. Even on the last day of the hall, Sunday, the city police no longer consider major incidents. Manel: “Experience has shown that last Sunday is the quietest day in the hall. There is a spirit of optimism. “

Isolated events due to disregard for 3G correction

In Lunapark on Spelteriniplatz, as in auditoriums, the 3G regulation applies. Covid certificates were checked at the entrance by security service workers. There were five incidents with people evading the controls and wanting to enter the dining area above the fence. “In the case of the few 3G violations, the security service notified the city police, who recorded the personal details,” Manel says. The men were evacuated to the end of the hall.

St. Gallen city police have also carried out a positive balance in the area of ​​traffic. The car parks in Brightfeld and the carriage yard of St. Piden were less crowded. In the vicinity of the place, fewer buses were issued for incorrect parking every day than in 2019. While a total of 719 drivers were fined in 2019, this year the number was 271 until Sunday morning. (stapo / sae / alr / elo)

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