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Bradley Smith completed the best result of KTM in the MotoGP World Championship at the end of the season in Valencia Рeven though he was out after a fall. Team member Paul Espargaró was third on the stand.

Shortly before the race was canceled, Bradley Smith crashed and was already out of the race for his last appearance at the MotoGP World Championship. Only because he was able to return his KTM to the pits within five minutes of the crash was he allowed to return to the network when he returned.

"Some things should be just like that," Smith replied when asked if it was a bit of Motocross training to push the bike all the way back. "I pushed the bike back just to get to bike number 2 and finish the race because there were only fifteen riders in the race at the time, all I had to do to get the bike back to the creek track, I did not want to leave."

He did not want to think later, "What would have happened if," said the British. "I just did not do that, I did everything I could to get the bike back." On restart, he had to use the tires on Saturday because he did not want to take the risk in a damaged array. "They already have a seat behind them and cooled overnight and returned to action."

"I was in the top ten and my goal this weekend was to score six points so I could win the pole in the championship," he explained. "I have eight and he did a great job today, he rode well every weekend, but he's still fine here, and he was in a situation even under these changing conditions. I can not ask for much more.

After the crash, the bike had not started yet, Smith said, he had to push it back. "Luckily, I crashed into column 13, so I rolled down the hill, then ran back and got it back in. It was crazy, they were talking about whether I could start again or not, waiting for a message from the IRTA was an experiment when I checked all the videos and recovered But I did it and it feels nice to know that sometimes it does not work to throw the towel.

As on Friday, conditions on the route were really dangerous, Smith explained. "It was only worse because we were riding world-class machines on world-class tires that we were out there, I think the fall rate has been showing what the conditions were, but as lap times do not really slow down, They were all engaged, and no one raised his hand to wave. "

"There were parts of the circuit in some parts of the circuit and others were still pretty safe, so it was hard to break the race because the two corners were not safe and the others were," he continued. "I think they stopped at the right time because it gets worse, and when I saw how much water the safety car was shaken and how much it emptied, it was clear how bad it was, which was the worst conditions I had ever purchased in terms of aerosol, aquaplan, stagnant water and running water."

In Silverstone, MotoGP's race has been canceled because of the rains this year, but comparison with conditions in Valencia will be lame, says Smith. "I think many people will make comparisons with Silverstone, but I do not think it's fair, I think Silverstone was in worse shape than it was today, and it's debatable whether it should have stopped one or two laps earlier."

"The start was good again, the spraying was dangerous, but it was just straight, it was very bad, the brakes were better than the new asphalt, I felt everyone knew the limits where it could move, it was one of those races that could catch you cold, But I also did a bit of running Missano and it can catch you there, too, I'm just glad we had three fantastic races today, and I hope all those who fell were not hurt.

His bike worked well under these challenging conditions, Smith stressed, and he was pleased with the eighth place. "I felt good, just like Paul, he was quicker than me, and bad luck he fell, I'm glad he was able to get back on the bench.

For Bradley Smith it was MotoGP's last race, but it remained in the pen. In the 2019 season he will start the new MotoE.

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