Thursday , May 13 2021

Ice Hockey: 15,000 fans celebrate the SCB Championship

A week after winning the title against Zog, Bern celebrates again. Even the rain does not spoil the fun of the SCB unit.

Masters Cross – Seven days after the 16th championship, the champions of the Bernese champion can be celebrated extensively. Against 15 000 fans gather on the Bundesplatz and resist bad weather. Half an hour before the Master began, Peter actually opened his locks. But Rolf Bachmann's chief operating officer puts it briefly: "A father's procession is better in the rain than a father procession."

Modest – The master's maker of Baran, Carey G. Lonen, wears a hat of the Wiki-Münsingen Cup opponents on his head. "When I came to Switzerland three years ago I did not understand what it should be, now I know: this is an excellent competition, it all started with the victory against Vicky in September," he says. Jalonen bought himself a hat before winning 6-0 in September, then filmed by the head of media and sent the picture enthusiastically to Münsingen. "Before the last game against Zog, I walked with that hat through the coffin," says Lennon and laughs.

Twins – Eric Bloom is happy. "I had an amazing experience this season," said the defender. I found my twin brother. He did not look like an Asian like me. But this is my European version. "This refers to the loan of Wesp Sandro Brügger, who, like Bloom, wears long hair.

Justin Kruger is wearing his truck's snowshoes again. "Actually, three years ago, with Andrew Abt, I agreed that we both would wear a mustache like that if we were a champion.but Abt did not stick it, but I noticed: the Schnauz brings luck.

Group Trip – On Wednesday, the main characters flew to Madrid for a two-day trip. Not with you? Simon Moser, the father, the defender Eric Bloom, who needed a few days for himself and for the manager Carrie Johnson. Already two years ago the coach was asked by the team, if he came. Even then Finn refused. "It's for the boys," says Lennon, adding with a smile: "And some quieter days are better." Lunen wanted to go golf on Easter Monday, but did not get out of bed after the festivities and then let them stay.

TV – SCB-Captain Simon Strange is a guest on Sunday "Panorama Sport" with Billeter.

Vacation – Master heroes now have a month off. Summer training begins on May 27. Inti Pestoni, who joined HCD as a champion and enjoyed vacations for three and a half weeks, needs to dig on May 6. The new season begins at SCB on September 13 with home game against SCRJ Lakers.

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