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Jamie Lee Curtis: She uses her birthday for a break

She was the face of the horror genre in the late 1970s. Celebrates 40 years after her biggest hit
Jamie Lee Curtis
(60) has recently made her comeback sequel to the classic horror "Halloween". On her 60th birthday on November 22, the actress can look back at a game career in which she stumbled, tried and returned to her roots.

Jamie Lee Curtis was born on November 22, 1958 in Los Angeles. The artist's life was laid in her cradle. hazy
Tony Curtis
Marilyn Monroe
(1926-1962) career and mother
I have a net
(1927-2004) became famous in one role: she played the murder victim in the famous shower scene in the Psycho of the Coke. Nevertheless, Jimmy Curtis's childhood is not glamorous. "I never had a Hollywood aura in my life, I had divorced parents, I barely saw my father, and that's why I hardly knew him," she said in an October interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

No preferential treatment

Even her beginnings as an actress did not initially experience her as a successful start-up, waiting for the film world. After high school, she began to learn quickly and realized she was still looking for the purpose and goals she wanted to pursue in life. The game did this to her and she tried from now on: "I applied for positions that I had no qualifications, and I was fired again," she said in an interview with Faz. Another dismantling of a movie was its advantages. He sealed her fate because she could sign up casting for "Halloween". Director
John Carpenter
(70) was convinced:
Lori Strude

She's a scary cat

The first part of the series "Halloween" appeared in 1978 and made Jamie Lee Curtis with her first starring role in the ever famous movie star. The low-budget horror film, shot in just 20 days, has become a blockbuster. Two years later, John Carpenter also threw it on the fog. Thus, she was stamped her as "Queen Scream" from there and was fond of horror films such as "Night Night" (1980) or "Terrorist Train" (1980) occupied. Even if the films have brought great success, the actress really can not do anything with the horror genre. "I do not like horror films, I do not say it out of a joke, I really do not like them, there's nothing I like about fear, I sing songs when things are scary," she said in October in an interview with New Musical Express.

Nicknames are not her thing

This is probably the reason why she chose a lighter commodity in choosing her job in the coming years. In the comedy "The Lucky Knights" (1983) she played alongside
Eddie Murphy
(57), in the successful comedy thriller "Fish by the name of Wanda" (1988)
John Cleese
(79). The 1980s also brought her the great love for happiness: her husband
Christopher Guest
(70) married Jamie Lee Curtis in 1984. If her husband was probably thrilled that at the same time his wife because of her optical assets and also the nickname "Body" missed? In any case, Jamie Lee Curtis could do it without him: "I did not like the two terms, because it was not me, neither of them, and I did not want to serve such a role pattern," she told the FAZ.

The great success of a popular film has not materialized in the coming years. In 1998, she still received a star on the "Walk of Fame" on her numerous film appearances – and at the same time not thinking about retirement. She returned to the horror tray for "Halloween H20" (1998) and "Halloween: Resurrection" (2002), a sequel to the series "Halloween". In 2003, she is surprised with teen star
Lindsay Lohan
(32) in the comedy "Friday Freaky – A Crazy Friday" and was nominated for the Saturn Award, Satellite and Golden Globe Award. In order to perfect the diverse career, trips were added to the series such as "
Veronica Mars
"(2014) or" Shout Queens "(2016).

Back to the beginning

This year she dared march back to the beginning of her "Halloween". Again, she slipped into the role of killer killer killer Laurie Strode for the fifth episode of the classic. How did the comeback come about? A phone call from her godfather
Jyllin Gyallenhaal
(37). The actor referred them to David Gordon Green (43), with whom he collaborated with "Stronger" himself, and planned a sequel "Halloween" for the first film. The great coup had disappeared to the manager: the return of Jimmy Lee Curtis. On 25 October 2018 it was time. Laurie Strode resumed the Myers fighting – better prepared for the beast this year than 40 years ago.

Long career, comeback A famous horror film – When will you have a better chance to put your feet up? That's exactly what Jamie Lee Curtis has to remember about her 60th birthday, as she recently unveiled to the magazine "Notebook". She will turn off all her social media accounts and take an "emergency break." Her birthday is also on Thanksgiving. The actress will celebrate with her family, including her children Annie (31) and Thomas (22). On the big day of gratitude, she will remember her happiness: "I am grateful for my work, but above all, I am simply grateful for being alive."

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