Saturday , May 15 2021

Jose saw the police Tesla first!

Already on his first day of work, he had already noticed several times.

On Saturday, Teslas police was their first day off. Telebasel users were diligent and sent many pictures of the electric car.

Now the Basel Basel police were finally allowed to leave the garage. The data shield gave with conditions on Saturday ahead. For now, two of the seven alarms have been used.

Wanted: Tesla!

Telebasel launches one call and sought out the fastest Tesla viewer among Telebasel users. Many pictures and photographs of electric scooters then entered the system. However, so far the fastest contract was Sousa. He also published the proof on Facebook.

"Zaki," Jose Souza wrote confidently from under the photograph. Telebasel welcomes a quick response!

The other was calling Manuel. He saw Tesla in Dornbach Square. The police car was very close to the border at Zelbitt. This image and all other images can be seen in the picture above.

Did you see Tesla, too? Then send us a picture of it!

(Photo: Talbessel)

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