Thursday , May 19 2022

"Man Looking for Eva": Jina-Lisa Lohpeinck must be shooting for the Playboy


It is always polarized and disturbing: Jina-Lisa Lohpink, Firstly, by its beauty and extraordinary character, lately she is increasingly interested in her "Cosmetic Surgery"And the result now on" Looking for Eva " [VIDEO] To admire. Jena-Liza is beautiful, but definitely not as the Goddess created her.

In Eastamn, she has been following her followers' curiosity since Friday. Something big was going to happen, she announced there with a ticking clock and then dropped the bomb on Saturday afternoon: an old photo of Jena A man of pleasure-Playmate.

Playboy: Extraordinary decision

for A man of pleasure In any case, it will be a very unusual decision, after all Jina-Lisa Lohpink Currently on RTL "A man searches for Eve" Unnamed: Unnamed: Flirt Unnamed: with Martin König from Chemnitz.

On second look, it will be an extraordinary opportunity to make people understand the difference between reality and illusion.

If now very extreme images, with maximum editing and imports, can be the next Playboy again really exciting. Especially because of course there are the pictures of Lisa-Lisa on her first Playboy.

Does Lisa-Lohfink need a famous person?

Because of Jena-Lisa With famous men already suffered some shipwrecks, so it is not a requirement. A relationship may also be easier to manage, if not both have a busy schedule. What man should definitely bring is love of animals. Nella is very important to Gina-Lisa. In any case, she would always be the one to rescue a wounded animal from somewhere in the house.

But the man at her side should not restrict her desire for freedom, that's exactly what happened again "A man searches for Eve" Shown as Antonino Lisa-Liza had lost his chances through the chatter of Aesthetic.

Bad luck or keep in close contact?

How about Lisa and Lisa? "A man searches for Eva "flirts swallow to stand? One thing is certain, if they really need to be a couple, then Lisa Liza kept the exemplary example. For many participants of such formats, for example, the hashtags often showed a lot. but Jena-Lisa Released after "man asks Eva" such a thing, only #homesweethome. Well, she was a professional-or was there nothing with Martin?

"A man searches for Eve" [VIDEO] Always on the late Saturday to change the times on RTL.

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