Thursday , May 13 2021

Millions of scams with false Lego bricks – you'll see

In the raids, the Chinese police obtained 630,000 fake Lego kits. Criminals operated in real counterfeit factories.

The Chinese police have fraudulently opened a million dollars with forged Lego bricks. It has been secured around 630,000 sets worth 200 million yuan, or about 30 million francs, reported the Shanghai city government on Sunday.

During raids in three warehouses, the police of the southern cities of China and Shantou and Shenzhen have secured more than ten manufacturing machines and over 90 molds.

The literary theft that hit the Danish toy manufacturer was sold under the "Lepin" logo, which looks like a tenth of Lego's original brick price, it was said. The packages were shown "STAR WNRS" or "STAR PLAN" instead of the original movie "Star Wars", as shown in the pictures of confiscated goods. Four of the forger members were arrested.

very similar

The strike against the pirates took place six months after market researchers discovered the toy stones, the source of the original LEGO "very similar," as the city government announced. Lego representative for China and Asia, Robin Smith, told the Xinhua News Agency that such a fake not only has a strong impact on companies such as Lego, but also poses a security risk.

Pressure from the United States

Under massive pressure from the United States in the ongoing negotiations to end the trade war between the two major economies, Beijing has repeatedly announced a stepping stone against product piracy. On Friday, China and the Party Party promised to launch better copyright protection on the initiative of the New Silk Road Initiative by expanding trade routes. (SDA)

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