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New fuel in the conflict Jura – Sommaruga calls for calm – Switzerland: normal


The cancellation of Moutier's vote provides new fuel in the conflict. The proponent sees a victory of the rule of law against fanaticism, separatists criticize the governor's decision as political motives.

Federal Federation, Simonta Somaruga, called for calm: She hopes the decision will be made in a decision, the Federal Department of Justice said. The Justice Minister also noted that the decision is still not final. On the other hand, as in the case of a constitutional state, complaints can be filed with the Administrative Court and, if necessary, with the Supreme Court.

The Barnes government also appealed to all concerned to remain cool. Unfortunately, despite the great efforts for irregularities and undemocratic behavior came.

As long as there was no final decision, the negotiations with the cantons of Moutier were out of the question, the Burns government council stressed, and the government would not speak until afternoon.

Stephanie Niederhauser, Berne's governor, confirmed some complaints and stopped voting in 2007 for changing the Canton cantons. In a statement on Monday, Niederhauser justifies his decision mainly with the conduct of the municipality of Munte and mayor of Moutia before the vote on 18 June 2017. Projurassians want to continue the decision.

Illegal propaganda

The Motier authorities certainly have the right to comment on the vote. But authority must be proportionate, objective and transparent. In this case, however, it is possible to compare the appearance of local authorities with unacceptable propaganda. They were suitable to mislead voters.

This point alone would be sufficient to cancel the vote on the change from a canton from Berne to Canton, Verde, Niederhauser continues. The Federal Supreme Court has recently formulated stringent requirements for objective, transparent and proportional communication with the authorities before the vote.

In the case of municipal voting of June 2017, however, additional irregularities will be added. Niederhauser talks about voting tourism, fictitious houses and "serious flaws" in the voting organization. All in all, then, they can not rule out that without the "serious shortcomings" mentioned above, the outcome of another vote would have gone out.

With her decision, Thiern Niederhauser responds to seven complaints voting for the June 2017 polls. One of the complaints – this is roughly the same font on voting papers – has rejected Niederhauser.

Four complaints before the vote

Voters of Moutier spoke in June 2017 with 137 votes difference for the change to the canton of Jura.

Four complaints in the vote have already been submitted before the vote on Sunday. One was about political propaganda in the day school, and two more about the declarations of the Progressive Mayor, Marcel Winnstaffer, and one complaint was about the vote.

Three additional complaints were received after the polls. An incomplete examination of the voting certificates, the alleged multiple vote of a single person, and apparent irregularities in a written vote.

Even before the decision of Governor Barenorag, both Proberner and Autonomy were informed that they would further pass the governor's decision. Therefore, the future cantonal affiliation, Moutier, remained in balance.

Expected fermentation

The spokesman of the organization "Moutier ville jurassienne", Valentin Zuber, the question Juras after the governor's decision is open again. "We will renew the struggle against the government and its representatives," said Zuber, who also called for silence. Even the Autonomists do not want to accept «because the victory of 18 June 2017 was stolen» them.

The governor's decision could cause trouble in Moutagia because the Perugia camp had now run out of a short victory in June 2017. The conflict could erupt again at least in the short term. Today, the commission "Moutier Ville jurassienne" collects in a small town of the city, and is expected to make its appearance during the day.

The complainant made it easy

The problematic camp responds to the disqualification of Motier's vote. The governor made a brave decision and used the rule of law.

The verdict shows that the complainants are not only bad losers, but there is reasonable doubt the legality of the survey, according to the opinion of the test committee "Moutier-Prévôté".

Disappointing is that, despite all efforts, the Jura conflict has not come to an end. Another reason for the confusion was the fact that Moutier's character had been damaged by voting-related events. The price was paid by "all of us".

Rejection of the vote is a rare case in Switzerland, the committee notes. Now, the results of the fiasco must be drawn – and it also means that Moutier's voters in the elections of November 25 decide candidates who acted for the city and were not blinded by their zealotry. (NAG / SDA)

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Conflict Shooter: It started in 1815

"The shooter question is completed": In these words, the city of Burns commented on 18 June 2017, the concise of Moutier to change the canton. But the conflict in Gora is still boiling – a dispute dating back to 1815.

"Declaration of Congress in Vienna of 20 March 1815 on Swiss Affairs": This is the name of the document that marks the beginning of the conflict. Seven districts of the geography of Basel are given to the Berne Canton: Frontrot, Delsberg, Freiberga, Moutier, Cortelleri, Neuenstadt and Leuven.

Soon tensions: the population of these areas feel neglected by the masters in Berne.

In the 1950s, the protest intensified. The separatists are pushing for a referendum in the seven provinces of the Jorge. Their initiative is rejected by the Bernese voters.

«Heirs Law»

For Berne, the subject was done with it. But there are always demonstrations and more violent incidents. "The law of the shooter" is the slogan.

In 1970, the Berne canton added to its constitution, and cleared the way for a number of referendum by the GDR. North Jura separates the Berne, since 1979 has the canton of Jura.
The three counties of Cortaleri, Moutier, and Neustadt in South Jorda, on the other hand, point twice to stay with Berne's canton. The town of Moutier also says yes to Berne several times, though only a few.

The fact that the conflict has now been solved is false: the separatists in the south continue to fight for a "reunion" with the north.

Bombs and arson

In the 1980s there were violent confrontations between the prognoses of the faithful, the attacks and the harassment. In 1993 Kristolf Bader died in a suicide bombing in Bern.
From the 1990s, the federal government is increasingly committed to a solution. Berne's Canton, for its part, completes the Cantonal Constitution and approves Burns Jr.'s "Special Position."

Finally, he creates a special law for Burns Jura and Welschbiel. The regions receive limited autonomy in school and in the cultural field. But the canton of Jura and the projurassiers in the Bern canton want more, they continue to strive for unification.

In 2012, the two Cantons, led by the federal government, agreed that the population should decide on the future of the Bernabeu Berne in the polls. In November 2013, the Jahra voters clearly support a new canton – but the project was clearly rejected by Burns.

However, there was a majority in Mauitia for the new canton. The town may therefore – as previously agreed – vote again – and decide on June 18, 2017 by a narrow majority to change the law.

Moatier's controversial identity

In mid-June Motier's voters celebrated the first anniversary of the vote on June 18, 2017 with Féte de la Liberté, and at the same time, a small majority in Moutier voted for the change in the Canton. According to the police of the canton of Bern, there were no troublesome troublesome events at the festival in Mautier-Altstadt. According to the organizing committee, loyalty also took part in the festival of tranquility, but many remained at home.

This shows that Moutier's identity is still controversial. The place is the focal point of the conflict. It is located in the border area where the influences from the Catholic Bishop of Basel in the north, as well as from the Reform canton of Berne in the south can be noticeable. In three shooter wishes of 1974 and 1975, the population of Moutier voted in favor of staying with the Bern canton. In Mawatiya violent riots broke out on the narrow jars. Since 1986, most separatist established a communal policy.

In a vote on November 24, 2013, South Barnesa finally voted to stay with Bern, but Moutier for the Jura change. This was confirmed in the municipal vote of 18 June 2017. On Monday, the appeal on the vote was approved. (Brenner newspaper)

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