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Osttiroler is to implement the Ebola struggle strategy


The outbreak of Ebola in the northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo requires everything from August 2018 to national and international aid workers. The latest data – from last Saturday – speak of 1251 Ebola cases in the affected area. So far, more than 800 people have been complaining. The mortality rate is 63%. Now Tyrol East expert Ebola Marcus Bachmann, as deputy head of MSF's operations, will help implement a new strategy in the fight against the epidemic. "The last three weeks have been the worst since the outbreak in terms of new cases," says Bachmann, who is talking about a real medical crisis that could escalate if it does not stop its spread. "Ebola epidemic In 1976, this is the second largest epidemic ever," Bachmann stresses. The fact that eight and a half months after the outbreak of the situation worsened instead of improvement, according to Doctors without Borders, urgent change of strategy is necessary. These include, inter alia, more intensive work among the population, and better interaction of control activities, according to Bachman. Bachman travels to the Democratic Republic of the Congo tomorrow morning and plans to return in early June. (NP)

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